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Ireland boasts a thriving online betting scene, where passionate sports fans flock to betting platforms to engage in wagering on various competitions. From the excitement of football matches to the adrenaline of horse racing, there is no shortage of sports options for bettors in Ireland. With the convenience of online sportsbooks, staying connected with your beloved teams and athletes has never been easier.
In this article, we will delve into the world of Irish sports betting, exploring the most sought-after sports and competitions that captivate the nation. Additionally, we will shed light on the popular payment methods used by online bettors in Ireland, ensuring seamless transactions and secure betting experiences. Furthermore, we will provide insights into the types of bets that dominate the Irish sports betting landscape, giving you a glimpse into the thrilling world of wagering at Irish sportsbooks.

Sports and Competitions in Ireland

There is no doubt that football is the most popular sport in Ireland, as the Irish Premier Division attracts many fans and online bettors alike. The Irish Premier Division is the top level of football in Ireland, contested by 10 teams. The current champions are Shamrock Rovers, who have won the title 17 times.
The Irish rugby team holds a commendable reputation on the global stage, with the annual Six Nations tournament serving as a highly anticipated event on the Irish sporting calendar. This rugby union competition sees England, France, Ireland, Italy, Scotland, and Wales vying for victory. Ireland has emerged as the champions three times in the past five years.
Golf also places prominent in Ireland’s sporting landscape, with the Irish Open attracting world-class golfers from far and wide. This esteemed tournament, held annually in July, is part of the European Tour and has witnessed remarkable performances from exceptional golfers. Notably, Shane Lowry emerged victorious in the 2019 Irish Open, showcasing his prowess on the course.
Additionally, horse racing captivates the hearts of many in Ireland. Both the Cheltenham Festival and the Irish Grand National stand as pinnacle events on the racing calendar, drawing considerable attention and excitement. The Cheltenham Festival, a renowned horse racing festival held in March at Cheltenham Racecourse in Gloucestershire, England, gathers enthusiasts from around the world. Meanwhile, the Irish Grand National, an esteemed horse racing steeplechase, takes place in April at Fairyhouse Racecourse in County Meath, Ireland, leaving an indelible mark on the nation’s equestrian scene.

Payment Methods in Ireland

Regarding online betting in Ireland, there are a few prevalent payment methods. Credit and debit cards are widely accepted, including Visa, American Express, and Mastercard. Many online betting platforms also accept e-wallets, like PayPal, MuchBetter, Neteller and Skrill, which offer a fast and secure way to transfer funds between your bank and betting accounts.
In recent years, cryptocurrencies like Litecoin, Bitcoin and Ethereum have also become more widely taken as payment methods for online betting in Ireland.

Popular Types of Bets in Ireland

Irish bettors enjoy a variety of different types of bets, with some of the most popular including:
Outright Winner: This is a simple bet on which team or individual will win a particular competition. For example, you might place an outright winner bet on a football team to win its match or a specific player to win the golf.
Accumulator: An accumulator bet is a wager on multiple outcomes, with all bets needing to win for you to receive a payout. For example, you might place an accumulator bet on several football match results over a weekend.
In-Play Betting: In-play betting allows you to place bets during a match or competition. Betting becomes even more exciting as you can adjust your bets or cash out early according to the game’s progress.
Handicap Betting: To level the playing field in matches where one team has a heavy edge over the other, handicap betting is used. A handicap bet might involve giving the underdog team a certain number of points to start the game, which can make the betting more even.

Final Thoughts

Online betting has become an increasingly widespread pastime in Ireland, with sports fans using betting platforms to stay engaged with favourite teams and competitions. Football, rugby, golf, tennis and horse racing are popular sports in Ireland. Various payment methods are available for online betting, including credit cards, e-wallets, and crypto currencies.
Whether you prefer outright winner bets, accumulators, in-play betting, or handicap betting, you have a wide range of betting options. With the convenience and ease of online betting, it’s no wonder that so many sports fans in Ireland are choosing to place bets this way.